Founder’s Foreword
     Well, where do I begin?! For starters, it’s June and means TWO things: we’ve made it half way through this whirlwind year and I will be celebrating another blessed year on this earth! Plans? You bet! After years of being relentlessly taunted by my BFF about being a workaholic, I will be taking a real vacation for the very first time in over 5 years, yeah FIVE YEARS to none other than Puerto Rico! Sounds crazy but where did the time go. Somewhere between body butters and baby oils, I seem to have lost myself amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life and its natural progression when you give it all you’ve got. After years of hosting and sponsoring endless events, charities and galas I am finally taking a moment to WOOSAW…and it feels great.
     As with many chicks on a mission, we always place ourselves last. Always quick to grow another tentacle like an octopus for a “just in case you need me” kinda moment. In all honesty I ponder, as women how exactly DO we out live men again?! Honey let me tell you, “me time” is so necessary. A dip in the pool, an hour massage, an unexpected girlfriend getaway or just a few relaxing moments stargazing at night with a delicious cocktail in tow. The beauty of it all is there is beauty in all of us if we just take a moment to find it.
     This month, we’ve got a jam packed month of nonstop fabulousness, kicking off with an exciting Honey Highlight featuring Courtni Martin. Honey Highlight features up close and personal interviews of business owners across the nation giving us the inside scoop on their industry. Breakfast, the most important meal of the day?! Sure is and we are going to give you a delicious recipe to get your day started right. Summer fun in the sun is only fun when your skin is protected. Get the breakdown on the importance of sunscreen and which brands weigh in as champions of skin protection. Look out for festive Juneteenth events, NBA playoff updates and enter to win our Father’s Day giveaway!!
     Always remember, if you’ve got it flaunt it and for God’s sake whatever you do never apologize for being fabulous. Be grateful, be blessed, be happy.

Viva La Puerto Rico!

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  1. Viva la Puerto Rico is sure right! I am soooooo ready for us to cha-cha and wepa all over mi Isla! And with a little of the LBD products in hand and on the go, WE are sure to be some FABULICIOUS LBD reppin' chics... This will most definitely be one journey we will always remember and I can't wait! I am so very proud of my girl Ms. Lydia Evans and all that this brand has become, is and will continue to be for many many years to come! LBD ROCKS GLAM! ;) Most sincerely, Ms Chepa


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