Now here at LBD we love to hear what people love to do, watch, hobbies, etc and it makes us wonder "how can we be a part of that?"  Well NBA Playoffs are hot right now and it could go either way.  With Game 5 on and the series tied, it's nerve wrecking!  All the men are glued to the televisions and unless females are sports fans we're pretty sure they looking for something to do.  Well get down with your man ladies cause we're going to tell you who YOU need to be watching on the court *wink wink*
Miami Heat is up first just cause they won the first game so we're going to give them dibs.  Lebron James is all everyone talks about so we're going to skip that and move on to the most consistent player in the playoffs, Chris Bosh!  Obviously he wears jersey #1 and he is one of the tallest ones on the team!  Dwayne Wade we think is the sexiest one one the team.  Come on now he's dating one of America's biggest sweethearts Gabrielle Union!  Can't go wrong with that!  Dwayne Wade is the only member of the Redeem Team who originally started with Miami.  This will be Miami's 2nd Finals with Wade.  Funny how they're playing the Dallas Mavericks because Chris Bosh was born and raised in Dallas, Texas!
Dallas Mavericks are wanting this championship more than anything. Last time they made it to the finals was in 2006 and they lost and to none other than the Miami Heat.  Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry were a part of the team together then and now again.  Jason Terry believes so much that they will win he already got a tattoo of the championship trophy!  They have both played consistently and through hardships.  Dirk has a minor injury and was suffering from a fever at Game 4!

So keep an eye out on these hot on the court players and cheer your favorite team on.  We'll never tell who's our favorite ;)
Enjoy the playoffs!

La Bella Dolce Dive

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