There are fashion statements made all around the world and well since we've been to Puerto Rico why not show you the trendy colors and perfect fits that Puerto Ricans are wearing today.

One thing is for sure, Puerto Ricans sure do express a lot of their fashion in vibrant colors.  Being an island and living in such a beautiful scenery why not express what you feel?  A lot of fashion statements come out of people's emotions.  Beautiful colors in a beautiful place.
Puerto Ricans are not the only ones known for having curves.  A lot of Latin American women do.  How do you say, that "coke bottle" figure.  Coming from a place where having curves is a natural and beautiful thing, these women are so comfortable with expressing that and showing that with certain fitted pieces of clothes such as hip-hugging shorts and curve fitting tanks.
In addition, a lot of Puerto Ricans are full figured but still have those amazing curves.  They accentuate their gift with high waisted flared bottoms and a yet again, a curve hugging tops to show off their voluptuousness.
And finally, a day at the beach.  Ahhh...pure bliss!  Get into a sexy swimsuit, protect you hair with a hat, protect your site of the world, and protect with your body.  That is one thing about being on beach with so many people.  You can wear what you want without being so self-concious.  So go on out and get into that sexy swimsuit and get wet! Oh and don't forget to get into a sexy sarong to explore the rest Puerto Rico.  Adios!

this summer's clothing and accessories suggested by Cami De Xclusive
The romper is what I like to call the “modern day overall” it is a comfortable one piece garment that allows style and comfort. The variations in necklines, pant lengths, and prints allows for every woman to enjoy this garment within their own personal style preferences.

Don’t be afraid this season to go all out and let your colors and prints show! Bold prints with inspirations from the 60’s and 70’s are so in this summer! If your not as up to a bold print try a soft floral print that will still keep you in tune with the trend but give you a more subtle statement.

Maxi dresses/skirts have to be this seasons hottest trend right now! These dresses flatter every woman’s body shape and depending on the style/design they can be worn from day to night.



For the ladies who have “it” and like to flaunt “it”. Bandeau bras and skirts are a must in your wardrobe. Wear them together with a stylish blazer or lightweight cardigan or separately with your favorite garments.

Can you say a must have! For the ladies who love a great handbag, but don’t want to think about holding it on your shoulder or in your hands a long shoulder bag is a must! Still stylish and chic as your favorite hobo, but comfortable and convenient.

In this hot summer heat a little skin is necessary, but remember to keep it classy and chic! From off the shoulder tops to midriff bearing blouses women showing off their best assets is the trend this season. However, remember less is more! So if your showing your tummy keep the legs 50% covered and vice versa. This trend is meant to only tease , not to give away all the secrets. ;)

Make a statement this season by wearing a bold necklace, earrings, ring or bracelet. Statement jewelry is always a great conversation starter and outfit maker! So stack up on your accessories and remember the golden rule “less is more” so don’t wear all of your statement pieces together, you may end up making too much of a statement.

What are you wearing this summer?  Of course the usuals like swim wear and hats but what else?  Look for tunics at stores near you!  They have them in long and short styles and with all sorts of designs and details.  And yes men, we've got swim wear for you too.  This year's hottest styles are printed trunks.  Solid color trunks are out and printed trunks are IN!
What about the colors you ask?  Well while spring was all about pastels this summer its about the neutral tones and bright basic colors of the rainbow.  So check out a clothing store near you and look for these HAUTE items.  And while you are out there looking all SEXY and FAB don't forget that sunscreen!



Pastels are making a comeback this year and with Punxsutawney Phil making his early spring prediction, the shopping must begin!  Pastel colors range from pink, lavender, baby blue, and soft yellow and green.

Be sure not to miss FAB spring colors.  You will have people saying how "SWEET" those colors are.  Wearing colorful pieces brings out a natural happiness in some.  Ever feel dull when it is dark outside?  Well of course!  Why wear black when it is dark outside?  Brighten up your atmosphere and take out the color!  Bright colors do happen to make people smile and feel better about themselves.  Look at the names of our Island Sugar Collection...Island Sunset, Lime In D'Coconut...all with bright fruits!
Wear the colors to be apart of this year's spring trend; wear them to feel happy and to have a blissful day; and wear the Island Sugar Collection to smell refreshingly sweet, exotic, and captivating.  Perfect pairings to have a Bella Dolce Day.

VOGUE STYLE CLOSET: Coming to Houston!
For those of you in or around the Houston area, The Vogue style closet is coming to the Galleria! Wednesday and Thursday from 3-9 rummage through the coveted closet! It is in front of the Adidas store PLUS, you can consult with stylists and pose for a magazine cover! Sounds like a lot of fun, you can count me in!

WALK THE STAGE: Chloe Dao Graduation Sale

If you are looking for a unique graduation dress and are in Houston, stop by Lot 8! They're having a great sale and you will start your summer off right looking hot in one of her dresses :)


Still a bit away from us, but the list of dates has been released so PLAN ACCORDINGLY! This time around it is set to hit 16 countries, making it the biggest night out in history. It will be kicking off in France on September 7, followed by Britain and Korea on the 8th, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal and Australia on the 9th, the US, Russia and India on the 10th, Japan, China and Taiwan on the 11th, and finally coming to an almighty close on 16th September in Greece and Turkey. Whew, that is one heck of a shopping shebang!  For more info and updates check out

I CAN'T wait!

PAPA-PAPARAZZI: Lady Gaga In V-Magazine

As you might already know Lady Gaga is the creative director for Polaroid's new specialty line of products. In the latest issue of V magazine Matthew Williams followed the starlet around and took some amazing Polaroids of the singer. It hits stands May 11th! You can count me in on getting one, I still can't wait to see what Gaga has in store for Polaroid!!!  :)

TOM FORD IS MY LOVE: Private Blend Lip Color

Tom Ford JUST launched a new lipstick line called Private Blend Lip color. Tom Ford custom blended them all himself. He says, "it is the focus of the face and it has the power to define a woman’s whole look

12 colors, and $45 each? SIGN ME UP!!!! RIGHT HERE!!! 

WHO IS MALIBUMARA? HaHa!! The new Fashion Editor OF COURSE! I'm from fashion student ready to take on fashion :) Want to learn more? Just check me out!


Summer is almost here! Can you feel the weather changing? It’s the perfect time to clean out your clutches, totes and handbags! Throw away all of your expired makeup and beauty products and refresh your look. The summer is going to be HOT and so should your beauty bag! You’ll look and feel GORGEOUS this summer with La Bella Dolce’s 5 must-have beauty products.

Perfect Pout
Be ready to pucker those lips with Tarte's Be Good To Mother Earth's Lipgloss Set. This set includes three sheer glosses in shades Peach Sheen, Poppy Pink and Light Pinky Beige all are perfect for the summer. As an added bonus you will get an adorable tote that says "Be Good To Your Mother (Earth)".
($35.00, Sephora)
Smell Good and Feel Good
La Bella Dolce’s ESSENZA della VITA Body Mist in Island Sunset is the essential summer fragrance. This deliciously mischievous handblended parfum, with notes of exotic papaya, sweet orange blossom and juicy grapefruit, is one that you can’t afford to go without this summer.
Flawless Face
Lighten up a bit! Ditch the heavy foundation and grab a tinted moisturizer.
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer offers a nice selection of shades and contains SPF 20 to protect your skin from harmful rays. There is also an illuminating version of this moisturizer, which gives your skin a hint of shimmering color.
Freshen Up
Whether you are spending those warm sunny days constantly on the move or lounging on the beach the sand and air can be harsh. You may not have time stop and wash your face but you can freshen up and gently exfoliate with GARNIER Nutrioniste Nutri-Pure Detoxifying Cleansing Towelettes.
($6.99, drugstores)
Bat Your Lashes
A staple of any summer beauty regimen is waterproof mascara, whether having fun in the sun, working out or dipping in the pool. One of the best that won’t smudge is Dior DiorShow Waterproof Mascara. We love it and so will you!
($24.00, sephora)

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