Full time SHOWER POWER! This chic little 2-in-1 body scrub is super convenient and invigorating. Polish away dull skin as it lathers with a mild cleansing foam and organic cane sugar that gives your body the ultimate rush. Essential for superb cellular hydration and renewal for a fresh, new complexion.  This product cleanses and exfoliates at the same time. Sugar Rush is not an oil base like our other best seller the Sugar Scrub.


Did you know that we have over a thousand pores on our faces? A THOUSAND!?!?! That is just a calling for getting all kinds of dirt clogged up in there, which is one of the main reasons for acne, blemishes, and oily skin. Other major reason? It can also be hereditary.

It is incredibly important to keep that beautiful face clean! Moreover, the usual soap and water is not going to cut it. You need your cleaners and moisturizers to keep your appearance looking flawless and of course clean.

Many people say they do not have time in the morning or at night to wash their face or they forgot to bring their cleanser into the shower. Make the time! If you want an acne/blemish free face then you have to put in the effort. Just like wanting to be healthy, you can’t just eat fast food everyday and still want to be healthy. You make the efforts to eat right and the same should happen for having a clean face.

It is but utmost importance to wash your face at night. You want to wash area the day’s worth of dirt and oils. Sometimes you don’t need to wash your face in the morning because you’re coming straight from the bed but other might develop oils in the middle of the night and therefore need to.
Just remember: Clean Face = Pretty Face

Product Review: COVERGIRL

Our friends at COVERGIRL sent over some goodies. I must admit that I am in love with everything. The Wetslicks AmazeMint lip gloss is my new obsession and it is a must have for the summer. This non-sticky gloss, has a smooth texture and goes on sheer. It’s not an all day coverage, but the minty sensation that you get from the crest peppermint oil makes you look forward to the re-application. The SHINEBLAST Lipgloss which we will be including in our contest giveaway is a delicious lip treat! This shaping, sculpting, shimmering collection comes in 16 shades.

Ladies, if it’s a sexy smoky eye that you are looking for, then you have to pick up the COVERGIRL Smoky Shadow Blast! They have hit the nail on the head with this eye shadow it’s super quick and easy to apply. It comes in five different shades, Onyx Smoke, Silver Sky, Purple Plume, Bronze Fire, Citrus Flair, and Tempest Blue, so it’s great for a day time or evening look.