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I’m baaaaaack! What a trip?! Puerto Rico was an experience to say the least. Between the eclectic ice cream colored abodes, vivacious natives and white sand beaches, I must give it two thumbs up. Jogging my memory, the only downfall was the scattered showers throughout my stay. I skipped the watered down version of tourism and went all in. I got the “authentic” native-style experience by opting to stay with my best friend’s family up in the lush mountains of Guaynabo.
Waking up to the island’s favorite amphibian amigo, the Coqui frog and its melodious “riiiiiibit riiiiiibit”, followed by neighborhood roosters and mangoes falling fresh off the trees onto the roof reminded me every morning of one thing: Houston was a far cry away. Wooo Saaahhh. I wouldn’t be making a mad dash out my front door to beat rush hour traffic fixing my hair on the drive into the office with a cup of coffee in one hand and laptop in the other all while listening to voicemails and going through mild bouts of road rage in Houston traffic. Nope, not this week. This was a week of pure, unadulterated nature up close and personal.
First night there, we hit up the infamous taco stand, where it all goes down. The locals mesh up for a short order menu of goodies made from scratch like chicken tacos, alcapurrias, and bacalaitos, finished off with what else, Medalla, the Puerto Rican beer of champs. What is an alcapurria? What is a bacalaito? Hmmm. Let’s see. An alcapurria is the equivalent of cooked taco meat mixed with plantains lightly battered and deep fried. Yep, you heard it right DEEP FRIED! No taco shell, no tortilla, no bread to break the monotony. Just full on BEEF. Yeah, it was 1000 miles past hearty to say the least. Not my favorite island delicacy but hey, I’m in PR, I’m a tourist. I will try anything once. Now the bacalaito on the other hand was more my speed. Imagine flaky white fish, finely chopped, beer battered and flash fried. Not heavy. Tasty, just right and light.
A little sightseeing. A little bar hopping. A little sun bathing and a ton of photos. Oh yes, while there we held a product photo shoot on the beautiful Manati beach right before sunset. We couldn’t have picked a more picturesque place than the lovely island of Puerto Rico. The people treated me good, the music was jamming and the drinks were nothing short of epic.Aside from the relentless mosquitoes that mistook me for an all you can eat buffet, I thoroughly enjoyed my moment to get away from it all. Next stop….Jamaica Mon…ohhhh yeahhhh.

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