Fearless. Fabulous. Fashionista

Welcome the newest addition to the Honey Spot Blog team, Ms. MalibuMara! She is our Honey Style and Fashion Editor. From first glance our creative director knew she was the one. That "IT" factor that makes you say "See, now only she could pull that off!"

Let me tell you, her fearless attitude, sassy sense of originality and respect for haute couture fashion is outrageous. Make no mistake about it, chick is super serious about her style. Narcissistic much? Sure, but who cares that's what puts the "ista" in fashionista.

Her fashion blog www.malibumara.blogspot.com boasts over 800 followers and countless daily visitors waiting to see what she's coming up with next. She searches the globe high and low seeking only the hautest, latest and greatest to keep you paparazzi ready. With MalibuMara dishing the fashion scoop all you have to do is STOP...and pose for the frame! She's extra, over-the-top and holds no prisoners. Simply put, she's the coolest chick you'll ever meet.

From all of us to you Ms. MalibuMara: Welcome, your train is now boarding...

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